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Are you ready to start saving money? Like, really ready? If you're serious about this, I would love to have you check out my library full of FREE money-saving resources. I share a lot of info on the public blog, but the Library is where I share the BEST stuff :) 




20 Quick Tips to Save More Money

You’ll receive a copy of the e-guide that lists my 20 favorite tips to get savin’ ASAP! This guide is full of my absolute FAVORITE money-saving tips-- the ones that I actually followevery.single.day of my life! If you're ready to kick your saving into high gear, start implementing these tips ASAP.


Printable Bills Organizer

I actually created this for my own use (moving to a new apartment and splitting bills with my bf was getting confusingggg) and now I want to share it with YOU! This printable organizer will help you keep track of all your bills, monthly payments, auto pay, security deposits... the whole shebang. It especially helps keep track if you're splitting bills with another person!


The Things I Want/Need Printable List

Do you fall victim to impulse shopping? (I mean... who doesn't?) Instead of running out to the store every time you think of something you want or need, use this list to record the stuff you want to buy. Think it over for a week or two and you might realize that the thing you thought you TOTALLY 100% NEEEEEEEEEDED isn't so necessary. Sweet!


Monthly Challenge Emails

I send emails at the beginning of each month that challenge you to cut spending in just one area of your life that month. No overwhelm; just one focused area each month. You can do anything for one month, right? ;)

Saving Money in your Twenties Facebook Group

This is a closed Facebook group, so it's a safe space for us 20-something women to come and say “omg, my friends want to go on a $2,000 vacation and I don’t know how to say no! Help!” and get advice from others in the group. You can get motivation to keep on your savings goals, or find an accountability buddy to help motivate you to pay off debt!

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